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The B2B customers and the market they operate in can be opaque and challenging. Helping you define your market (where is the money), design your sales organization (who), and leading your sales organization (how) is the purpose of the proposed consulting services. Based in Zurich, the customer base range from local to international SMEs. 

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Sales Diagnostics

You are currently unhappy with your B2B sales effort? Leveraging a diagnostics toolbox and an expert network will not only lead you to identify the root cause, but also to accelerate your sales performance.

B2B Market Insights

What is your customer universe, or where is the money? These two questions are where you should start any strategic discussion. But how do you get to this information? I offer you solutions to systematically find new opportunities.

Story telling

What is your sales story? Being able to sell your story to your customers and also to your sales team is of paramount importance. If your internal and external sales pitches are not harmonious, your team's hard work may be wasted.


Align your organization from the top to the field operations with clear dashboards and funnels. In the 20th century, not having these automatized is simply not an option.

Sales Booster

Your sales organization or you as a sales professional need a booster for three months. Let's design together a program to accelerate your sales effort and deliver above expectations.

Digital solutions

Your sales organization aspires to be digitally fit or you are facing a technical concern. We have built chatbots, qr-code solutions, and heatmaps for our customers. With a pool of experts, we make seamless what looked like a daunting task.


What are we currently up to?


May 2020

Corona Tracking offers restaurants a quick, easy, and effective solution to fight COVID-19 together.

The solution automatically records and deletes customer data after 14 days. There are just four steps to do this.

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