5 books for B2B Sales Professionals - a Covid-19 time filler

In this previous post, I have addressed what should be your priorities while dealing with the Covid-19 generated downtime, let's have a look at some of my current book recommendations:

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Understanding how our brain is operating and how habits actually make our lives easier is well portrayed in this NY-Times bestseller. This book will help you understand what your current sales habits are and will give you the courage to train you and your team through new habits.

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

OKRs (Objectives, Key Results) are a very hot topic in target setting discussions. Going through how other companies have implemented them and understanding what the mechanics behind OKRs are as been great food for thought during my discussions with CFOs or Sales Controllers. This book will definitely challenge the way you have been setting targets.

The Kremlin School of Negotiation by Igor Ryzov

After having been trained and brainwashed by the BATNA negotiation theory, I was pleased to read a book that has practical tips from the first to the last page. I've been using many of its recommendations during negotiations over the past four months and I've not been disappointed.

Skin in the Game by N.N. Taleb

This book has made me rethink my personal business. After Antifragile, The Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness N.N. Taleb has again surprised me with a well written and insightful book.

Don't hesitate to post any other book recommendations in the comment section.

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